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Flexadin Advanced is a unique product for the support of the metabolism of joints in the case of osteoarthritis (OA) in dogs.


  • The only canine joint supplement containing UC-II®.
  • Unique mode of action.
  • Promotes mobility and flexibility by easing stiffness and discomfort.
  • A tasty and soft once-a-day chew for any weight of dog.

Is your dog showing signs of joint stiffness?


The early stages of joint stiffness or decreased mobility in dogs can be subtle and difficult to detect. Unfortunately, ‘slowing down’ and getting ‘a bit stiffer’ are mistakenly attributed to inevitable old age.


Know what signs to look out for in your dog:


Some dogs may become restless and more anxious whereas others may become depressed.

Become reluctant to get up/ lie down in the morning/ evening, particularly on colder days.

Show difficulty when jumping into cars or climbing stairs.

Change their grooming habits, e.g. licking/chewing their joints in dogs and poor grooming in cats.

Change in their eating habits, e.g. decreased appetite.

Whining or crying even when comforted or when a certain area is touched.


There are other factors besides ageing that can contribute to the development of stiff joints, including carrying excess bodyweight, type and level of exercise, genetic factors and traumatic injury.

How can you support your dog's joints


If you’ve recognised any of the signs listed in your dog, don’t panic. There is plenty you can do to support your dog’s joints and ease their discomfort:


  • Consult your vet as they will be able to help with the correct diagnosis and work with you to develop a tailored plan to address your dog’s specific problems.

  • Control your dog’s weight and body condition by feeding them a quality food in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Your vet surgery will be able to provide further guidance on this.

  • Improve your dog’s environment by providing a well-padded and warm bed, replacing steps with ramps where possible and avoiding slippery surfaces.

  • Keep your dog active by following a gentle and regular exercise programme, helping to reduce joint stiffness and preserve mobility. Look for a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) for help with designing an appropriate exercise routine.

  • Consider reaching out for additional physical therapy under professional and certified guidance. This can include underwater treadmills, ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation.

  • Discuss joint support supplementation with your vet as part of a multimodal approach to tackling joint stiffness. Flexadin Advanced soothes stiff joints and helps to maintain joint structure and function.



Flexadin Advanced is a dietetic complementary feeding stuff for dogs.