Ambassador Programme

Laura's introduction


“Hi! I am so happy that Colin and I have been chosen for sponsorship by Flexadin Advanced. I would like to introduce us to you all.


I am Laura, a dog trainer based in East Northants. I have two dogs (Buddy, 11, and Colin, 1), two budgerigars (Bean and BB), two ducks (Mrs Quackers and Penny) and an aquarium (including fish, shrimp, rabbit snails and aquatic frogs) in my care. I live with my partner, James. My passion is my animals and my primary concern at all times is their health and welfare. I use and promote only kind, reward-based training methods.


Colin is a 17 month old Parson Russell Terrier. He joined us, aged 9 weeks, Easter 2017. He quickly proved to be a smart little dog with an enormous personality. From day one we worked with clicker training to teach the basics, as well as learning cute tricks. We play at agility (not yet competing), Wag It games, showing and trick training. We will also be starting Parkour soon as he is now old enough. However, his specialist skill is not related to any of this – he can enter a room and have a sock in his mouth within half a second! He has been known to get as many as seven is his mouth at any one time.


We routinely attend training workshops, seminars and dog shows. We also regularly holiday in the Peak District and love to explore new places together. Colin shares his adventures most days on his Instagram (@colin_parson_russell).


We look forward to sharing our story with you all!”


Emma's introduction


“Hi everyone!  My name is Emma- I work in a vets and have done for many years as well as working in a dog rescue. My partner Des is a self-employed mechanic, he is self-employed so that the dogs can be with him all day. We are the proud pooch parents of Kodi and Austin. Kodi is a 4 year old German Shepherd - he’s got bundles of energy and is on the go all day, he loves playing ball and Frisbee! Austin is a 2yr old Alaskan Malamute, he’s a little more chilled out than Kodi and takes life at a steadier pace- he loves cuddly toys.


Our lives revolve around our boys-as well as walking, we love to hike, cycle with them and take them swimming. When the weather is cooler we enjoy scootering and rig pulling. We also enjoy fun dog shows and dog days out and often visit the city so they get to meet lots of people too- they are real charmers. The health and well-being, both physical and mental, of our dogs is incredibly important to us and protecting and caring for their joints is a huge part of that! We are therefore super excited to join Vetoquinol to promote Flexadin Advanced in our day to day adventures. If you see us out and about please stop and say hi!


Emma, Des, Kodi and Austin”


Flexadin Advanced is a dietetic complementary feeding stuff for dogs.